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Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Compliance, Enforcement and Prosecution Policy and Trends

Oxford University Press pays substantial civil settlement fine for corrupt overseas contracts and is debarred from World Bank tenders

This appears to be the first civil settlement approved by the new Director of the SFO, David Green QC. It confirms what he has said publicly, that he will agree to civil settlements where appropriate (even though they have been the source of criticism in the past) but the SFO will prosecute when it is the public interest to do so.… Continue Reading
Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Enforcement and Prosecution Policy and Trends

Transparency International’s recommendations to the Government to assist in the prosecution of transnational financial crime

In short, TI is recommending better communication between all those in government who are involved in the prevention of international financial crime and better reporting so that the public and others can identify what the Government is actually doing and achieving in this regard.… Continue Reading

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