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Erin Ashwell

Photo of Erin Ashwell Erin is a partner for the firm’s nationally ranked Government Investigations & White Collar Litigation Department. Erin recently served as Chief Deputy Attorney General for Virginia and has a strong background in government investigations that encompass regulatory, criminal and civil matters. Erin assists clients in consumer protection, criminal litigation, political and state attorney general enforcement and investigation issues, and appellate cases in the education, labor & employment, and healthcare industries.

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Massachusetts Attorney General Increasing Enforcement in Car Repossession Space

Enforcement and Prosecution Policy and Trends
The Massachusetts Attorney General (AG) is increasing its enforcement in the motor-vehicle-repossession space. In a January 17, 2023 Assurance of Discontinuance (AOD), the AG stated that it is “conducting an investigation” into “entities collecting, servicing and/or funding” motor-vehicle-secured retail-installment contracts. The AG is focused on two primary areas of compliance:… Continue Reading

Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, Bank Receiverships in General, and Payroll Regulatory Challenges

Financial Institution Regulation
In the wake of Silvergate’s collapse, Silicon Valley Bank entering receivership and another bank following in SVB’s footsteps, startups and other companies directly affected by these events are struggling to manage their payroll and other obligations while credit facilities are frozen. Although depositors likely will be fully protected and most businesses can expect to avoid… Continue Reading

33 State Attorneys General Urge Federal Trade Commission to Take Action on Corporate Surveillance

Enforcement and Prosecution Policy and Trends
A bi-partisan coalition of 33[1] state Attorneys General sent a comment letter[2] to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) highlighting the risks to consumers from corporate surveillance and data collection. The November 17, 2022, letter was filed as part of the FTC’s Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Commercial Surveillance and Data Security.[3] The Attorneys General… Continue Reading

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