SPOILER ALERT!  On Showtime’s Homeland this week, Sgt. Brody made public the worst kept secret in pretend Washington — he would indeed run for the Congressional seat being vacated by disgraced Congressman Dick Johnson.  However, in making his announcement probably Brody broke several laws that could put his fake congressional run at risk (Sgt. Brody has of course also been offering material support to a terrorist cell headed by Abu Nazir in violation of the USA Patriot Act, but perhaps we’ll save that for another blog post).
First, Brody made his announcement on the steps of the Capitol, which likely was in violation of the Hatch Act. Second, Brody appeared in uniform and is still an active member of the Marine Corps — likely violations of the Department of Defense Directive 1344.10 (DoDD 1344.10), and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  Stay tuned to see if a fake FEC complaint is filed against Brody’s fake congressional campaign committee (and of course whether he commits fake treason before the season finale).