iStock_000004688619Medium.jpgIn advance of the run up to an historic hearing held by the House Administration Committee , the Political Law Group at McGuireWoods recently sent this letter  (click on Berke letter) to the Committee on House Administration.  As we stated in our letter,   we believe that more guidance is needed by the FEC to assist campaigns in complying with federal election laws.  We also stated:               

During a hearing held by the FEC in 2009, a discussion occurred regarding the need for the Commission to make public its internal enforcement manual and guidelines.  The lack of transparency that binds FEC Office of General Counsel attorneys in their negotiations and dealings does a disservice to both the FEC and respondents to enforcement proceedings.  If the Department of Justice can recognize the public interest in making available its U.S. Attorneys’ Manual, the FEC can most certainly do the same with respect to its enforcement guidelines.  We encourage you to make this request to the Commissioners appearing before your Committee on November 3.    

We’re happy that all of the FEC Commissioners appearing at the hearing appeared to agree with our position.  We thank the House Administration Committee for holding this important hearing, and the FEC Commissioners for appearing as witnesses.