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Survey Shows More Companies Adopting and Strengthening Political Spending Policies

An annual survey prepared by the Center for Political Accountability (CPA) and released last week indicates that an increasing number of large companies are adopting policies and procedures designed to improve transparency and oversight of their political activities. This trend appears to be a reaction to a number of factors, including increasingly aggressive legal tactics… Continue Reading
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The IRS Scandal: What Next?

Well, this could be a huge development. Playing second fiddle to the recent IRS scandal involving how the agency mishandled applications from some right-leaning groups is the simple fact that the Service has historically offered little guidance on how it measures the primary purpose of such activities. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) had… Continue Reading
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This is the dawning of the age of disclosure?

 While Congress and the courts continue to struggle with how much disclosure should be required in our campaign finance system, a new front could be opening up – litigation.  Almost unnoticed by the main stream media, News Corp.’s proposed $139 million April 22 agreement to settle a shareholder derivative lawsuit included a clause that would… Continue Reading
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Change Coming to Conflicts of Interest Standards in Congress

The House Ethics Committee is having a busy holiday season, following up on what was a busy overall year for the congressional ethics panel.  Late Thursday, the Committee issued a series of press releases and reports to close out this Congress.   The Committee’s investigative reports always contain conclusions of interest and sometimes set new precedents… Continue Reading
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Why Showtime Needs a Political Law Refresher Course

SPOILER ALERT!  On Showtime’s Homeland this week, Sgt. Brody made public the worst kept secret in pretend Washington — he would indeed run for the Congressional seat being vacated by disgraced Congressman Dick Johnson.  However, in making his announcement probably Brody broke several laws that could put his fake congressional run at risk (Sgt. Brody has… Continue Reading
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A Question of Ethics: Rules May Tighten on Invites From Lobbyists

The Office of Government Ethics recently proposed significant changes to the rules prohibiting gifts to executive branch employees.  If the changes become law, the biggest impact could be felt by organizations that employ lobbyists.  For such organizations, the changes would eliminate the often-utilized “widely attended gathering” exception to the gift ban.  The latest Question of… Continue Reading

A Question of Ethics: What Do the Cooling-Off Restrictions Mean?

As hundreds of new staffers and Members join Congress for the first time, hundreds of others exit Congress for the private sector. Businesses looking to hire a departing Member or staffer should be aware that there are restrictions on what such Members and staffers can do after leaving office. The latest Question of Ethics takes… Continue Reading

Avoid a Common Error on Lobbying Forms

Beware businesses that file lobbying disclosure forms. Roll Call’s Alex Knott writes that many businesses are still making a common mistake when calculating the lobbying expenses disclosed on their forms.   Line 13 of Form LD-2 requires businesses with in-house lobbyists to disclose their quarterly lobbying expenses.  Some businesses have taken this to mean only their in-house lobbying… Continue Reading